Steven C. Kester, MD

Specialist in Urology

Board Certified:
American Board of Urology

Investigator on over 100 Clinical Trials


MD, Medical College of Ohio
BS, University of Notre Dame

University of Illinois
Cook County Hospital
Michael Reese Hospital
Westside VA Hospital
Positions: Chief of Surgery, North Ridge Urological Center, 2002-2003

American Medical Association
American Urological Association
Florida Medical Association
Broward County Medical Association
Ft. Lauderdale Surgical Society

Samuel Soifer Award for Academic Excellence in Urology

Advanced Professional Study:
Sexual dysfunction, lymph node dissection, prostate enlargement and its treatment with the in-office TUNA procedure, prostate ultrasound, radioactive seeds for prostate cancer, vasectomies, kidney stones, urodynamics, male and female incontinence treated with pelvic floor muscle exercises for frequency and urgency of urination and for leakage of urine.

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