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Commitment to excellence

In our state-of-the art facility, we fervently adhere to ethical and medical standards. Our record of integrity, paired with a diverse set of specialties, positions us as one of the top clinical trial facilities in Florida.

We have consistently been a #1 enrolling site in indications: BPH, OAB, iBS-C,D, and COVID-19.

Our clinical capabilities include Phase I-IV trials with a diverse age range from pediatrics to geriatrics. Through both our private practice and clinical trials database with thousands of patients, we offer access to a robust, ethnically diverse patient population. Our site attracts patients from the southern tip of Miami to the north Palm Beaches and beyond. Our strong referral relationships from the medical community throughout South Florida supplement our already robust subject database. We also have a strong retention rate among our volunteers which is reinforced with highly trained support staff.

Our reputation is supported in practice and habit, from attitudes to methods. Meticulous attention to detail is the cornerstone to our day-to-day practice. From regularly maintained and calibrated equipment, to organized record-keeping, we ensure the most accurate results are collected.



Our Therapuetic Experience

Recently Completed Studies as a #1 Enrolling Site

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome, COVID-19, Urinary Urge Incontinence, Glaucoma, Overactive Bladder, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

In-Patient Clinical Trials Experience

  • COVID-19, Prostate Cancer, Hypogonadism, Paranoid Personality Disorder



Our facility has full pharmacy capabilities, adhering to strict protocols required by the specialized needs of each study. Our pharmacists have the experience and knowledge to approach each IP dispensation and compliance with accuracy and meticulous record keeping.

Laboratory Services

Clinical Research Center of Florida has a CLIA certified Laboratory and our staff follows the specific requirements of our standard operating procedures protocol requirements. We handle the gamut of needs and requirements, including PBMC and PK sample processing, as well as other common specimen collections. We have the equipment to safely process, store and transport all sample collections and maintain them in controlled, secure settings per FDA standards.

Data Management

As a critical component to a successful research study, data is managed with extreme attentiveness to ensure accuracy. We consistently provide fast turnarounds for data entry and rapid query resolution supply our sponsors and CROs with all the resources they need. We use electronic source documents that enables remote monitoring as well.

Quality Control

Internal review measures are in place to guarantee Good Clinical Practices. The safety of our participants and integrity of data collected are paramount to our research center. To foster this standard, our staff continues to extend their knowledge base by continuing education and keeping certifications up to date.


Our staff is fluent in all aspects of regulatory procedures and documentions. Our attention to detail and knowledge of the process ensure a seamless process.

Marketing Support

We have experience with social media campaigns and help with subject dedicated recruitment managers for recruitment and support retention. We have full marketing capabilities with all media platforms, including print, digital, social media, SMS, video and radio. We can create and broadly circulate IRB approved study-specific recruitment advertising.

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We offer access to a robust, ethnically diverse patient population with strong retention rates.

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