Craig W. Herman, MD

Specialist in Urology

Board Certified:
American Board of Urology


Dr. Craig Herman, MD has been in private practice in the John Knox Medical Building in Pompano Beach, Florida for over 35 years and in clinical research for close to 20 years. Dr. Herman has been an Investigator on over 100 industry sponsored clinical trials. Dr. Herman’s industry experience includes BPH, OAB, Nocturia, Hypogonadism, ED, PE, and Prostate and Bladder Cancer.
Today, he is widely recognized as one of the finest urologists in the country. Dr. Herman is an accomplished urologist with an outstanding track record of thousands and thousands of successful treatments, including some of the most difficult and delicate procedures known in Urology. He is also an expert in Urologic Oncology and has saved the lives of countless patients.

Founder: Clinical Research Center of Florida and Urology Center of Florida.

Former assistant professor of urology at New York University Medical Center and author of many articles in medical journals.

Columbia University
New York University Medical Center, MD

Lenox Hill Hospital
NYU Medical Center affiliated hospitals
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY

American Medical Association
American Urological Association
Florida Medical Association
Broward County Medical Association

Samuel Soifer Award for Academic Excellence in Urology

Advanced Professional Study:
Microsurgery, Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, NY; additional training in male erectile dysfunction, prostate enlargement and its treatment with the in-office TUNA procedure, prostate ultrasound, radioactive seeds for prostate cancer, laser lithotripsy, male infertility, overactive bladder, lasers, kidney stones, urodynamics, male and female voiding dysfunction treated with pelvic floor muscle exercises for frequency and urgency of urination as well as for urine leakage.

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